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After working in the culinary industry for almost a decade now and being trained both on the job as well as with many years in my moms kitchen, I am making my contribution to your virtual food directory with this menu that is a ode to my fondness for food, predominantly East Indian cuisine with a Brazilian touch as the union of such is how we play our food game at our without further ado welcome to Casa De Oliveira, I am your Chef, Francine and I hope you enjoy your meal.


Our Service

Casa De Oliveira is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment. With a menu inspired by both East Indian and Brazilian cuisines. We are looking to showcase the use of plant based and vegan cuisine while introducing you to some yummy, traditional, non vegetarian delicacies.

Our food service provides prepared meals and treats that are conveniently delivered to our customers.

The service is structured to cater to anyone looking for quality food delivered right to your doorstep cooked and cooled for you to reheat and enjoy at your convenience. Our meals are made to typically be consumed within the 3 days following their production dates

Customers may order meals for up to 2 days at a time at a reasonable price.


The Menu


Mothers Day


The Bakery


Combination Meals


Family Matters

We cater to your family
Check out our family portion options on our menu


How it works

Orders to be placed between Sunday to Friday for Sunday Deliveries

Orders to be placed online until 5pm every Friday

Food is cooked fresh for you from our kitchen

Your order is delivered to you every Sunday between 12 and 5pm 


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