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After working in the culinary industry for almost a decade now and being trained both on the job as well as with many years in my moms kitchen, I am making my contribution to your virtual food directory with this menu, an ode to my fondness for food, the cuisine I present is predominantly East Indian with a Brazilian touch, as the union of such is how we play our food game at our table.

So without further ado, welcome to Casa De Oliveira! I am your Chef, Francine, and I hope you enjoy your meal.

Fresh, Natural Ingredients


Our Service

Casa De Oliveira is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment. With a menu inspired by both East Indian and Brazilian cuisines. We are looking to showcase the use of plant based and vegan cuisine while introducing you to some yummy, traditional, non vegetarian delicacies.

Our food service provides prepared meals and treats that are healthy and conveniently delivered to our customers.

The service is structured to cater to anyone looking for quality food delivered right to your doorstep cooked and cooled for you to reheat and enjoy at your convenience. Our meals are made to typically be consumed within the 3 days following their production dates

The Menu


Choose from a selection of Vegan, Gluten Free and non vegetarian curries that come served with a portion of rice or Chapattis(Indian bread) and a side salad. Healthy, nutritious and delicious.


Pick a side..or 2 even.
Our extensive selection will satisfy any craving.

The Bakery

Our Bakery section offers a variety of both East Indian and Brazilian favourites...order by the dozen or piece, all you need to do is pop it in the oven to reheat and enjoy!!


Mini Meals

How it works


  • Orders to be placed at 12 p.m. on the Friday prior To delivery.

  • Orders to be placed online only.

  • Food is cooked fresh for you from our kitchen

  • Your order is delivered to you every Sunday between 12pm and 5 p.m.

Contact Us

T: 604 368 9168

All employees and drivers will be required to wear face masks while preparing and handling your meals and will maintain proper social distancing

We will be 
disinfecting our 
equipment regularly 

Payments & Delivery 

Safety Measures to protect you and your food

All our food is produced in a Fraser Health approved kitchen facility

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